Building and Growing Your E-mail Marketing List – Top 4 E-mail Marketing Software Programs

If you have not started to develop a list of emails to market to, then you are losing out. Email is affordable and an inexpensive method to growing your contact base. What about buying a list? Find out what we have to say about buying a list.

Email marketing is a very effective way to grow your business and send out a company newsletter or updates. Sending e-mail is less expensive than most other forms of contact. E-mail marketing has demonstrated to be flourishing for those that do it correctly.

Now that you have decided to do email marketing,Building and Growing Your E-mail Marketing List – Top 4 E-mail Marketing Software Programs Articles just how do you go about getting your e-mail list. Do you grow or build your list or should you go out and buy a list.

The quick and easy thing to do, would be just to go out and buy a list and have an instant list of e-mails all ready to go. Sounds easy, but I would avoid this method. There are plenty of people ready and willing to sell you a list of e-mails. These folks that sell e-mail list, will tell you that you are the only person that is getting this e-mail and it is guaranteed to be opt-in or even double opt-in. Don’t believe it. Good list are hard to get and unless you know for certain the person responding is expecting an e-mail from you, don’t buy it.

I hope I have made the first method clear, don’t buy a list. Now there can be other methods to using an existing list, such as renting a list. The main thing to understand here, you never get to see the email, the list owner is sending an email for you. You basicly pay a rental fee for using the list. The owner will send your information out for a fee on your behalf.

How to Build your own list?

There are many proven methods to building your own list. It does take work and patience in this process.

1. PPC – Paid search advertising is a method where you place an online ad in Google, MSN or Yahoo for example. As people click your ad, they can sign up to receive more information. This can be an expensive method. You can use some type of free item or giveaway to invite your guest to sign up. For example, you could give a free E-book, discount, how to information, trial offer etc… to someone that as a reward for responding.

2. Newsletter – If you already have an existing product and website, you should be using some type of newsletter signup on every page on your site. The key goal here, is to make it very visible and easy to signup. Look at this as long term project. It takes time to build a list and it also depends on how many visitors you have to your website. Get started now on this and over time, you will build a large list.

3. Discounts and Coupons – Offer a coupon or some type of price discount for those that signup on your existing website. Develop a special list of customers that want to know when the next discount or new product is available.

4. Business Cards – Hand out business cards to everyone you meet. Let them know about your website. Promote yourself in your daily life. We sometimes think that you have to make all your contacts on the internet, but why not use what you are doing on a daily basis to build contacts. Place a note on your card that they can sign up for more information and if they mention a special word, they can get a discount.

Once you get the list built or at least in the process of building, you are going to want to have a specialized e-mail marketing software to make all this happen. Do not be sending e-mails from your Outlook Express or personal e-mail system.

Here is a list of the best e-mail marketing software programs.

1. Atomic Mail Sender

2. GroupMail

3. MaxBulk Mailer

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Only Newsletter – Web Based Email Marketing Software

Regular newsletter can bring stability to your business! If you are internet entrepreneurs then you must know the importance of a monthly newsletter for your online business.

Only Newsletter – Web Based Email Marketing Software

Regular newsletter can bring stability to your business!

Regular newsletter not only brings some immediate sale,Only Newsletter – Web Based Email Marketing Software Articles but it also helps to keep your brand at the top of the mind of your target audience and doubt it bring stability to your business in the unstable business environment.

Personalized service

Only Newsletter ( can take all the troubles of above situations (except last). You can for the set of service you actually need ; from just simple steriotype newsletter management to develop and maintain integrated personalized mailing campaign system suiting your exact business requirement.

1 You have both options on choosing the newsletter sending server. We can make proper arrangement to send newsletter from our server or from your server. Both have merits and demerits.

2 You can choose our server you will simply have to pay for the bandwidth and server resources but you will not need to buy the script. Sending bulk mail always consumes a significant amount of server resources. If you do not want to hit your existing server and /or web application for sending newsletter / bulk mail it is better decision to let 3rd party server to do the resource killing jobs.

3 If you choose your own sever, you will simply need to purchase the script and installation package. This is one time cost and you will need to pay monthly for the sever resources.

4 The biggest benefit is that the mail sending engine can be linked with your member database and the mailing list can be updated at minimum effort (or even auto). If your application requires we can write custom module for sending special messages as per your business requirement.

People who do not prefer to keep member’s data to another server for legal or privacy reason should also prefer it.

5. We can design the newsletter template that goes with your website. You will not have to choose from pre designed template list that has no relation with your website look. After the newsletter template is passed by you we will then take care of all mail sending process every month. You will have to provide just content for every issue.

If you give us access to your web database we can update the recipient list on a regular basis or even automate process of update the process by writing custom code (when the system is installed in your web server).

6. We can integrate our “mass mail engine” with your online application and can send custom messages apart from newsletters.

7. Develop robust mailing system to send emails to millions of users.

Only Newsletter ( will only need to provide us the newsletter content and tell the source for getting the mailing list.

Email Marketing Tips :

1. Invest time in planning and strategy – Just because email is easy doesn’t mean that email marketing is easy. If you think all there is to email marketing is acquiring a mailing list and shooting off a few thousand emails, your wrong. You might end up with a few replies but you’re not utilizing the possibilities of the medium. Email marketing should be part of your overall advertising plan. That means the same questions apply as traditional marketing: who do you want to reach, what do they have to gain from your service and what action should they take?

2. Define Your Email Marketing Goals – Ask yourself what the goals of your email marketing campaign are. It could be to build stronger relationships with your current customers. It might be to create interest or gain reaction on new product lines. Or very likely the goal could be to increase sales by doubling the number of leads or directing new customers to your online store. What ever the goal is, you can’t achieve it if you don’t define it first.

3. Target Your Message – This email marketing tip should be easier to do once your strategy has been planned and your goals are defined. Now that you know what you hope to achieve you need to target those people who will be interested in your marketing message. A simple list of emails will not work, you need a list of interested prospects and potential customers. This is primarily done three ways: Renting them from the primary opt-in list owner, renting them from a list management company or compiling your own list. Targeting your message to a list of recipients that you know beforehand are pre interested insures the best results.

4. Write an Effective Subject Line – Seems simple right? Even so, to many companies the subject line can be an afterthought once they’ve spent all their time working on the email message. The subject line thought can be the most important factor in determining whether the email will be opened or not. It subject line should describe what’s in the email and not be misleading. Don’t call it a newsletter when it’s actually a special promotion. The most effective subject line will give a hint at the information inside and not sound like a sales pitch. That can be buried in the email once they’ve opened it but first they have to want to open it. Successful subject lines also should include the company name. If they given you permission to receive your email newsletter then they should recognize your company name and it will look less like spam.

5. Don’t Abuse Your Customers Trust – It’s another common mistake that many companies make. It’s easy to assume that since they’ve given permission to receive your emails that they’ll be interested in hearing from you. But remember, most people’s email boxes are jammed with email offers and spam. Don’t make the mistake of sending too frequent emails and offers! Even though they’ve opted in that doesn’t mean they want to hear a sales pitch from you every single week. Once a customer decides you’re spam it doesn’t matter that they’ve opted in, it doesn’t matter that you’re CAN-SPAM compliant and have followed all the rules, they’ve decided you’re spam and they’ll block your email, most likely permanently. Just send them relevant, targeted offers and make sure they offer a real value or useful information. Don’t just tweak a few words in your email and keep sending it week after week.

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